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White theet with activated charcoal!

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I found the best DIY tip - whitening teeth with activated charcoal! All you need to do is to mix activated charcoal with some water to create a paste. Put the paste on your toothbrush and brush it on your teeth. Leave it on for 5 minutes and than rinse off. I bought activated charcoal in tablet from at my local pharmacy in Stockholm. It´s an effective, cheap, simple and pain free way to whiten your teeth.



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Glitter nails are as mandatory during Chirstmas as cheeky Christmas music. Nothing are as festive as glittery nails! Below are three super festive (and cool) glitter nail polishes for the holiday season.  

For a classiclook wear nude nails with gold glitter. For a whampy new years eve look wear silver glitter over dark colors (such black pearl). Opt for mulitpe layers of colourful glitter on bare nails for a more fun look ( our favorite). And as always for any perfect mani --> remember base coat and top coat.

Spray on the nail polish

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Picture from Nails Inc.

Picture from Nails Inc.

Nails Inc. just pushed Ciate off the throne for most innovative nail product. The English nail polish brand has recently launched nail polish in a spray can (say what???!!).

You prep you nails with a base coat and then just spray the polish on. Finish with top coat and wash off the residue. In addition to the pink color in the picture above it is also available in silver (which is the one we are eyeing).

If it works it must be the easiest manicure ever!

Coolest book this year!

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The book on top of our wishlist to Santa this year is Dr. Jart+ Book of mask. Dr. Jart+ is a Seuol based skincare company which launched their first skincare range in 2011. Today high-end skincare brand in stock all over the world and has a huge cult following. 

The book of masks includes 8 sheet mask to treat different skin concerns, such as: dehydration, blackheads, dullness and big pores. 

Its the perfect christmas present -  amazing packaging and a total treat!  

Find it here


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H&M has launched a huge new range of makeup, and it is impressive!
The color range and packaging is what first attracted me to the brand. The week it launched I bought three items - a blending bush, a cream eye shadow and a brown eyeliner. I have been using them for a few months now, and this is my opinion so far.

The blending brush called 'Medium shading brush' is what you would expect for the price. It does the job, but it has got nothing on the more high end brushes like MAC 217. The eyeliner is good! It is soft with good color payoff and has a good lasting power. But the star of the show is the cream eye shadow. OMG! These eye shadows are a dream. The color payoff is amazing, it lasts all day and it has the most amazing finish.

Lately, my go-to makeup look has been the cream eye shadow all over the lids with a lot of mascara - and I have gotten so many compliments. I initially bought the taupe color 'Dauphine truffle' and went back a week later to buy the more golden color 'Sirocco'.  Both colors has become a favorite of mine!

Check out he makeup range here! 




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A brush with fine, densely packed fibers in an oval shape. For shading or blending of eye shadows.

Use it to blend eye shadows and create soft natural edges. It is also good for blending concealer on the face. Can even be used for contouring small areas, such as the nose.

It is the best blending brush out there, always a staple when you do your eye makeup. We have multiple MAC 217 in the makeup bag as it works so well for so many different areas.


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Ever since Cara Delevigne became the fashion world's supermodel of choice, brows has gained an increasing importance. Thick, well-defined "boyish" brows have become a desire for literally every girl! Here are three unexpected products that is the perfect for achieving the perfect brows.

Eye shadows.
Brow powders (essentially eye shadow for brow) have always been a popular to define brows. However, we often find that eye shadows are much better, as the color range for eye shadows are always much bigger than for shadows specially marketed for brow - so there is a much greater chance that you will find the color perfect for you. Just remember to choose an eye shadow that is matte (in other words no glitter or shimmer) and has a cool undertone - grey undertones will look more natural than warm red undertones.
Our favorite eye shadows for brows: MAC eye shadows in the colors Espresso and Omega

Cream shadows for eyes.
Just like regular powder eye shadows, cream shadows tend to have a large selection of colors. Due to their creamy or waxy texture they are easy to blend. For best result, look for cream shadows that are long lasting, this means that once they have been applied on the brows they will set and last all day.
Our favorite eye shadows for brows: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24H in the color Permanent Taupe/Though as Taupe

Hair spray.
Like all hairs - brow hairs tend to live a life of their own and go in all different (unwanted) directions. Spray hairspray on an old and cleaned mascara brush and comb through the eyebrows and they will stay in place all day.  
Tips: For modern and bushy brows - comb the brow hairs upwards.


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Backstage at Isabel Marant, the models wore MAC Groundwork for a natural definition.

Backstage at Isabel Marant, the models wore MAC Groundwork for a natural definition.

A cream eye shadow in a natural taupe color without shimmer. Easy to apply with a blending brush or fingers. Once it is blended it sets and will stay on all day.

For an easy and natural eye shadow, apply all over the lid and along the lower lash line with a finger. For a more dramatic look use it as a crease color with a darker color in the outer part of the eye. Can also be used as a eyelid primer to make eye makeup last longer.

A natural color that suit most skin tones. Can also be used under the cheekbones as a light contour. A backstage classic at Paris Fashion week.


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Favorite cleanser (hands down) is the american drug store cleanser Cetaphil. I first bought the cleanser in San Francisco in 2011., and ever since then I have had a bottle on my top shelf. It is very gentle, easily cleanse off makeup and leave the skin feeling clean without feeling dry. 

And the price... $9 for 500 ml! In my opinion it is the most price worthy beauty product out there.



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We love this Korean makeup tutorial by YouTube star and celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldrigde . Not only is she the newly appointed creative director of Lancome but she is also famously known for being obsessed with Korean beauty.

PS. If you want to learn makeup  and skincare, Lisa Eldridge has 222 videos super informative videos on YouTube. They are all worth watching! 


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H&M's latest designer collaboration Balmain x H&M will be in store in less than two weeks. The long awaited collection incorporates classic Balmain looks such as double breasted blazers and a lot of pearl embellishments. The collection is so true to Balmain - Olivier Rousteing will definitely not let down his massive fanbase. Below is our most wanted items from the collection and we especially love the green suede pants.

See the whole collection with prices here.


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With a keen interest in beauty comes a (slightly unhealthy) addiction with online beauty shopping. Online stores are the best place to read about new launches and cult products. Needless to say; we spend way too much time on the following sites:

The English chain of beauty boutique has several super pretty stores in the UK and has recently expanded to New York and LA. Space NK online store has the best curated collection of high-end beauty as well as great product description. Visit the store here.

True to the Net-a-porter's DNA their beauty segment has editorial quality product photos and they always carry the ultimate range of new and exciting brands. In addition to great photography, read their online magazine for amazing articles about the latest beauty trends. Visit the store here.

A website exclusively dedicated to Korean beauty. Read their blog to get an insight into Korean cosmetics, beauty trends and skincare regimens. Visit the store here.





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This is a sneak peak into what is on top of our wishlist right now! This week features some investment pieces, fab stickers - coolest way to personalize your handbag - and a perfume from the NY-based perfume house Le Labo.


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Our Dubai-based friend is one of the most knowledgeable people we know when it comes to skin care and makeup. She is always testing new exciting products and treatments and she kindly keeps us updated on her latest beauty regimes and shopping sprees on Snapchat. As her taste is awesome and her photos are super cute it is always such a treat to receive her snaps. 

Above are pictures -from the backseat of a taxi on the way to work - of her neutral Chanel lip gloss in Levres Scintillantes and her manicure which is Essie’s color Lacquered Up. 


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Exciting news! Sephora has launched a whole segment solely dedicated to Korean skin care, with cult brands such as Too Cool For School, Erborian and Tony Moly. During their live broadcast on Periscope last Saturday the Sephora beauty buyers revealed that the Egg Cream Sheet Mask (below) was their favorite face mask of all the face masks available at Sephora.  Check out k-beauty at Sephora here.


Here is our most wanted k-beauty products from Sephora:

Egg Mousse Soap Facial Cleanser from Too Cool For School - online here

Raw Sauce hydrating essence from May Coop - online here

Solid Cleansing Oil from Erborian - online here

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist - online here

Egg Cream Sheet Mask from Too Cool For School – online here


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We love Snapchap. It's the best way to keep updated on the latest beauty trends, makeup tips and beauty brands. Here is a list of our favorite girls to follow for beauty tips and pure entertainment:

chrisellelim - Chriselle Lim from the blog
Her inflight beauty routines are the best thing ever! In addition to fashion she regularly snaps her beauty and skincare routine as well as beauty tips from photo shoots.

theevachen212 – Former beauty editor of Teen Vogue Eva Chen
As a former beauty editor of Teen Vogue and editor of Lucky magazine Eva Chen is one of the most prominent figures in the beauty industry. In addition to her strolling around New York and snapping from the front row for all the major fashion shows, her snapchat is the best way to keep updated on what’s the latest buzz in the world of beauty.

Alluremag – the snapchat account of Allure magazine
A look into the life of beauty editors and new beauty products.

Asteinherr - Beauty Director GLAMOUR Magazine
Alessandra Steinherr has the best reviews of new makeup and skincare products.

Byrdiebeauty - the snapchat account of
Byrdie’s Snapchat stories includes new product launches and short video tutorials.

Peachandlilyirl – the snapchat account of Korean beauty online store Peach & Lily
Follow Alicia Yoon, the founder of Peach & Lily, for a look into the most exciting part of the beauty world – ‘Korean Beauty’.