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Kine BergComment

Ever since Cara Delevigne became the fashion world's supermodel of choice, brows has gained an increasing importance. Thick, well-defined "boyish" brows have become a desire for literally every girl! Here are three unexpected products that is the perfect for achieving the perfect brows.

Eye shadows.
Brow powders (essentially eye shadow for brow) have always been a popular to define brows. However, we often find that eye shadows are much better, as the color range for eye shadows are always much bigger than for shadows specially marketed for brow - so there is a much greater chance that you will find the color perfect for you. Just remember to choose an eye shadow that is matte (in other words no glitter or shimmer) and has a cool undertone - grey undertones will look more natural than warm red undertones.
Our favorite eye shadows for brows: MAC eye shadows in the colors Espresso and Omega

Cream shadows for eyes.
Just like regular powder eye shadows, cream shadows tend to have a large selection of colors. Due to their creamy or waxy texture they are easy to blend. For best result, look for cream shadows that are long lasting, this means that once they have been applied on the brows they will set and last all day.
Our favorite eye shadows for brows: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24H in the color Permanent Taupe/Though as Taupe

Hair spray.
Like all hairs - brow hairs tend to live a life of their own and go in all different (unwanted) directions. Spray hairspray on an old and cleaned mascara brush and comb through the eyebrows and they will stay in place all day.  
Tips: For modern and bushy brows - comb the brow hairs upwards.